Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome To My Whiney Side

Lately I've found myself thinking a lot about people, the world, life, etc. During those moments I often find myself thinking smart-assy, sarcastic and sometimes blunt thoughts. I wonder if I actually said them out loud, would people think I'm negative or hypocritical? I've always tried to practice what I preach and take a positive approach to most things. However, I've sometimes found that I was only accommodating other people and getting the short end of the stick in the process. If I had done or said what I really  felt, maybe I'd been better off. Truth is, we are all a little negative, sarcastic and have thoughts that might make our mother's wince from time to time -- but so what, we're human!

Though the blog title includes "whine" which is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves (ask my kiddos), us adults deserve the opportunity to do that once in awhile. This blog isn't meant to be mean-spirited, negative, or hurtful, but is simply intended to provide a place to air grievances, while finding the humor in them. I hope you enjoy and I invite you to participate by providing topics or "bitch box" ideas.

EJ (the whiner)

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