Friday, December 11, 2015

Random Acts of Wineness...Oops! I Mean Kindness

WOW! I was mighty discouraged today...especially considering that it's the holiday season. I gave my two-cents in the comment section of a news article about a woman in the UK who posted a picture of her Christmas Tree with about a million presents (I'm exaggerating) under it and has received lots of backlash. This isn't some private photo, she's actually a blogger (blogs about coupons, saving tips, etc) and she also has a Facebook page that is public, so the post wasn't limited to just her friends (and even though she says it was “accidental,” the picture is set to her profile pic SIGH!) My comment was simply that, yes, IT IS her business what she does with her money, how she spends it and shares her spending, but it's good to keep in mind that others are much less fortunate.

There is nothing wrong with being grateful for your blessings. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your good fortune and milestones. And I'm not in any place to judge or condemn those who do. But I would hope that considering how hard the holidays can be for some, how many are struggling just to get food on the table, let alone a gift under the tree, that there would be just a little more compassion from those who can, for those who can't. I was actually called an A$$HOLE by someone for simply saying that even though it's totally her business to share her pics and do what she wants with her money, the reason it may come off insensitive, is because she runs a blog/social media site, dedicated to penny pinching, so most likely her demographic is probably those who aren't rolling in the dough. And that I'd would have like to see her address in her defense post, if she also helps those in need, or donated anything to charities. But for those statements, I'm apparently a cold, awful, shrewd person. I'm not trying to defend myself or get anyone to take my side (didn't realize this was a war for that matter), I'm simply recognizing the irony of the situation and questioning if we, as a society, have our priorities backwards.

It’s understandable that some people are offended by seeing someone publicly "brag" about their abundance of presents adorning their tree, and others are defending said person that it's her life, she can do what she she certainly can. People assume that those upset are jealous and looking to attack someone, and I get that too. My issue is simply that this is NOT what Christmas is truly about. I'm not going to get into the religious/spiritual aspect of it all either, but simply stated Christmas is about giving (and yes I realize that is technically what she is doing).

BUT it's not simply about giving gifts, or tangible objects. It’s about giving someone a piece of kindness, generosity and maybe even some hope. I'm not going to lie and pretend that my family members aren't being spoiled this year, because they most definitely are. But I know that in an instant those material things could all be taken away. But if something terrible did happened and I'm simply left standing with those I cherish the most around me, then that is perfectly  fine with me.

I encourage you all, if you haven't yet, to do something kind for someone else in the next two weeks. Give a little, share a little, pass along a smile, hug, or handshake. Before you receive and take in more to fill your home with, give something you no longer need to charity. Buy a toy or puzzle at the Dollar Store and take it down to a Toy Drive box in your area. ANY act of kindness makes a HUGE difference. That my friends, is what the true meaning of Christmas is about. Appreciation for what we have, acknowledgement of those that are without, and doing what we can to ease that burden...even a little.

Be well and safe my friends. Happy Holidays and I'll be back again in 2016!


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